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  • From Conventional to Natural Hair Care

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  • Understanding Healthy Weight Loss

    There are literally hundreds of diet programs that claim to be the answer to the Western world’s weight problems and we’re constantly bombarded with new reports of a ‘wonder’ diet ‘worthy’ of trying to help us lose excess weight. However, a successful weight loss program must be consistent with all four cornerstones of good health: a nu... Continue reading >

  • What Skin Type Do I Have?

    Nature or nurture? The eternal question of why each of us is the way we are! It’s the same with skin - the initial quality, or type, of your skin is genetically determined - meaning you are born with it. Regrettably, skin ageing is an inevitable process. Wrinkles usually sneak up on us between 30 and 45, become more noticeable between 45 and 50 ... Continue reading >

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